Escape in Place: Inspirations from the Permanent Collection

Guest Curator: Colleen Leduc

September 23 – November 14, 2021

Art is a vehicle for connections. It can transport a viewer to another place and time. It can stir up memories of a forgotten moment. It can inspire one to ponder a thought or see a new point of view. These connections can remind us of our inner self and connect us to a thread of shared experiences. During this time of the pandemic, many of us have longed for our regular connections. We have been challenged to connect with our families, friends, communities, and environments in new ways.  We have learned to engage with our daily surroundings differently. The inability to travel has made many of us feel stuck; or perhaps helped us to see the beauty around us in a new light.

The artworks in Escape in Place immerse us in the beauty found in the everyday. The changing seasons, the warm glow of a corner store, a bird taking flight. They invite the viewer to reflect on the beauty of everyday experiences, moments from history, or personal moments remembered. 

Colleen Leduc

William “Bill” Pura (b. 1948), Andy’s Corner, 2010, Oil on Canvas, Gift from Artist (2021.02.01)

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