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To celebrate its 15th anniversary, St. Boniface Hospital’s on-site Galerie Buhler Gallery is inviting hospital staff, physicians, and volunteers to participate in a photo project that will form the basis of its next big exhibition.

The gallery will print the photos and put them in a public exhibition in the Fall for all to see. We might even make a book! At the end of the exhibition you can take your photograph home or maybe you’ll want to swap it with a colleague.

You can find more info about the project on the gallery’s website.

Remember — ONE picture per person! Have a heart for the lone curator who will be organizing them all!

Please ensure that you observe the hospital guidelines.

These guidelines are to protect patient and staff confidentiality.

  • No pictures of patients or staff.
  • No visible patient information, such as health records or computer/medical equipment screens in the background.
  • No photos taken in restricted areas where cell phone use is not allowed (e.g. ICU).
  • No staff identifiers such as ID badges.
  • You can take pictures with your own hands, feet, limbs, etc., visible, but no pictures in which you or a patient or a colleague can be identified, such as photos that show faces or partially obscured headshots of patients, or staff or yourself. If you shoot another person’s hands, feet, etc., ask before taking the shot and be prepared to provide proof of consent.

Any photos that do not observe the guidelines or are not taken in the spirit of the event will not be included.

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